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Key Limes (5 Ibs)

Key Limes (5 Ibs)

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The key lime is the original variant of the lime. It is actually less acid then the regular lime or lemon. Some other names for it is the “Mexican lime”, “Omani lime”, and “bartender lime”. It is much smaller then lemons and limes, and it also gets much sweeter when it’s at peak ripeness (light yellow color). This is why key limes are used in Keylime pie. The key lime is a sour tiny lime with  a peel that gets more thin as it ripens. It has a thick dark green peel when it is unripe. We ship key limes in a upripe stage so the shipping process is good, and so they will start to ripen in the box and at your house after arrival. The key lime contains seeds so it can reproduce itself, they are native too tropical south east Asia, the Florida Keys, and parts of tropical Mexico. Key limes are high in vitamin C. They are anti inflammatory, get rid of mucus, and they boost energy. High in magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, and iron. Key limes are highly alkaline forming and are rich in electrolytes, they are good for weight loss, and they are good to get the lymphatic system moving. They are highly astringent so they pull toxins from the cell. Key limes are anti cancer, good for diabetes, good for the kidneys, bloodstream, and more.


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